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Round Folding Table Set with 4 Chairs

Original price was: 580.000 د.ك.Current price is: 480.000 د.ك.

Round Folding Set with 4 Chairs and a 40×40 Round Table:


Round Folding Set with 4 Chairs and a 40×40 Round Table:

Forms an elegant and practical furniture ensemble for indoor spaces. Here is a detailed and professional description of this set:

The Round Seating:

The round seating is the central piece of this set, designed in an elegant circular shape that offers ample seating space.
It features an easy and quick folding and assembly design, making it perfect for places where frequent transportation and setup are required.
Comfort and durability define the seating, with a comfortable and sturdy backrest and a padded seat for a comfortable sitting experience.
Upholstery materials and colors can be chosen to match personal taste and space decor.

The Chairs:

The set includes 4 perfectly matching chairs that complement the design of the round seating, creating visual harmony and aesthetic coherence in the room.
The chairs boast a comfortable and stylish design, offering cushioned seats and backrests for support and comfort during sitting.
A variety of upholstery materials and colors are available to suit your personal taste and space decor.

The Round Table:

The round table completes the set with its elegance and practical function.
Measuring 40×40 cm, the table is ideal for spaces with limited dimensions.
The table features a sleek and durable design, suitable for dining or placing items on it.
A wide range of materials and colors are available for the table top to match the overall decor style of the space.

In summary, this set consisting of a round folding seating with 4 chairs and a 40×40 round table brings together elegance, comfort, and practicality. It can be used in various outdoor environments, adding both aesthetic and functional touches to the place.


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