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Metal Bed 190cm x 200cm Gold Color with Metal Scrollwork and Headboard

Original price was: 1800.000 د.ك.Current price is: 1200.000 د.ك.

Metal bed with dimensions of 190 cm × 2 meters, in a gold color and featuring metal forged design


The gold metal bed with dimensions of 190cm x 200cm is an ideal piece to professionally enhance your room. The bed boasts an elegant and beautiful design, crafted from high-quality metal. It features head and footboards adorned with intricate metal scrollwork, adding a touch of luxury to the overall bed appearance.

Adjacent to the bed, you’ll find a metal wardrobe with six drawers. This wardrobe stands out with its modern and stylish design, seamlessly integrating metal and wood in its details. The sturdy and durable metal is used for the drawers, while wood is incorporated into decorative details, creating a harmonious and appealing look.

This set also includes a vanity table with a metal scrollwork mirror. The vanity table’s sleek design showcases exquisite scrollwork details on the metal frame, elevating the room’s overall elegance. You can use the vanity table to neatly organize cosmetics, grooming essentials, and personal care items, easily accessible whenever needed.

As for the two nightstands, they form a matching pair on either side of the bed. Each nightstand features an elegant and practical metal design, offering a small storage space and a surface for placing essential sleep items. Their harmony with the bed and other pieces complements the room’s overall look and provides an additional function.

In summary, this set consisting of a gold metal bed with dimensions of 190cm x 200cm, a metal wardrobe with six drawers and wooden details, a scrollwork vanity table, and two nightstands is an excellent choice for elegantly and luxuriously enhancing your room. These specific pieces will be the focal point and highlight of any bedroom.


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