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Dining Room Set with Gilded Metal

Original price was: 1900.000 د.ك.Current price is: 1200.000 د.ك.

Dining Room Set with Gilded Metal


Dining Room Set with Gilded Metal:

The dining room set is a specialized furniture collection designed to meet your dining needs. This room stands out with its elegant gilded metal design, giving it a luxurious and stylish appearance.

The Table:
The table is crafted from sturdy metal and features gilded accents that enhance its allure. The table’s design is characterized by its simplicity and elegance, and it comes in a suitable size that comfortably accommodates a number of individuals during meals.

The Chairs:
This room includes a set of six ornate Arabesque-style chairs. These chairs are elegantly designed and comfortable, with a durable metal frame that provides necessary support and stability. The chairs come with stylish and comfortable upholstery for seating, and they can be customized with colors and designs that match the room’s decor.

The Complete Set:
When the complete set is assembled, it creates a wonderful ambiance in the dining room. The combination of the gilded metal design and the elegant chairs adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to the room. You’ll find yourself enjoying meals and relaxing in this stunning and contemporary dining space.

In Summary:
The gilded metal dining room set with six Arabesque-style chairs is a stunning furniture collection that combines elegant design and high quality. Its gilded metal design adds a touch of luxury, while the chairs provide comfort and beauty for seating. This room is an ideal choice for family gatherings and dining with friends, offering both elegance and comfort at the same time.


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